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What is the Safe and Sound Protocol

This video explains the science behind the Safe and Sound Protocol, the benefits of this home-based program, and how it supports healing and brain health.

Safe and Sound Protocol Testimonial

Here is a case example, describing a personal experience using the Safe and Sound Protocol and how it helped to reduce anxiety and symptoms of CPTSD.

Safe and Sound Protocol 5-Day Summary of Changes

This video documents the physiological and emotional changes that occurred during the 5-day Safe and Sound Protocol.

How to Complete the SSP

This video explains how to use your SSP program at home.  The Safe and Sound Protocol was developed by Dr. Stephen Porges. To learn more, scroll to the next video.


I was fortunate to receive training under Dr. Phil Henry in Neurotransmitter Testing and the Brain Wellness Program.  In this video, he defines what it is and how it is helpful in treating a variety of issues.  

Click here for more information on how to get started!

This video highlights the powerful and effective treatment of EMDR (Eye Movement and Desensitization) Therapy, providing case examples and clinical information.

Here is a case example, describing the EMDR Therapy process and how it works to heal traumatic material that has been stored maladaptively in the brain. The process of EMDR helps to solidify and install positive feelings, beliefs, and images to replace negative core beliefs, disturbing images, and intense physical distress.

This video defines Complex PTSD which is not yet an official diagnosis, but recognized by many healthcare professionals.  It describes the struggles people go through having Comlex PTSD otherwise known as trauma that has repeatedly occurred throughout childhood and/or adulthood.

Emotions can be difficult to identify, accept, and express. Brene Brown talks about finding power and courage in vulnerability.

Sesame Street has compiled a group of videos to help children cope with and learn about their trauma response.  This one uses a safe place exercise to help children cope with intense feelings.

It can be extremely difficult to understand Eating Disorders without having struggled with one.  This video demonstrates what it is like to struggle and what recovery looks like.

Anxiety can be debilitating and cause issues in relationships.  This video explains what it is like to have anxiety and panic attacks.  If you are suffering or know someone who is, it may be helpful to learn more to help you cope and to give you tools for helping your loved one.

Have you ever heard someone say "You are your own worst enemy?"  That may be because you have been practicing negative self talk without even realizing it! This short video helps bring positive self-talk back into your mind to help you start to be kind to yourself.