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Are you looking for a specialized, accelerated EMDR therapy program with targeted goals? The EMDR Intensive Program from Counseling and Brain Wellness Services is designed to give clients an EMDR therapy program over a 1-day, 3-day weekend intensive (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), or 5-day intensive (Thursday - Monday).  EMDR Intensive Therapy empowers you to emerge from past traumas stronger, resilient, and ready to embrace a brighter future.  

Take the courageous steps toward reclaiming your life today and experience the transformative power within you! 

This program includes:

  • Customized EMDR Treatment Workbook allowing you to work on your goals before, during, and after treatment.

  • One 60-minute, pre-treatment assessment and planning session. (available through online video or in-person)

  • 1-day (4-5 hours per day), 3-days, or 5-days client-centered EMDR resourcing and reprocessing with Melanie Mahady, LMHC/EMDRIA-Approved EMDR Consultant

  • One 60-minute post-treatment session to assess and support positive changes from treatment and continued healing. (available through online video or in-person)


This program was created to give highly motivated clients the option to receive more therapy than weekly sessions can offer with less check-in time at the beginning of sessions in order to maximize the EMDR therapy experience and obtain optimal results.

At Counseling and Brain Wellness Services, our EMDR Intensive Program is specifically designed to help clients with Complex PTSD, Chronic PTSD, Recent Trauma, and single-episode trauma.  These programs provide a structured therapeutic intervention that condenses the treatment timeline compared to traditional weekly sessions.


Here's a breakdown of what an EMDR Intensive Program might entail:

  1. Structured Condensed Schedule: Instead of spreading sessions over weeks or months, intensive EMDR programs compress treatment into a shorter timeframe - 1-Day (4-6 hours of therapy), 3-Day (3 consecutive days containing 4-6 hours per day), or 5-Day (5 consecutive days containing 4-6 hours of therapy). This concentrated schedule aims to accelerate the therapeutic process through a committed approach where you, the client, can dedicate time for healing and recovery, and I, the therapist, can dedicate specialized treatment approaches to your unique needs and goals.

  2. EMDR Therapy as the MAIN focus: The core of EMDR therapy involves reprocessing traumatic memories to reduce their emotional intensity and their impact on daily life. During an intensive program, clients engage deeply and consistently in this process to achieve quicker results.

  3. Therapeutic Structure: Sessions are structured around specialized, advanced EMDR protocols, which include:

    • Preparation Phase: Building rapport, understanding your history and goals, treatment planning, psychoeducation, and preparing your mind and body for processing using grounding/mindfulness/calming techniques.

    • Assessment Phase: Identifying specific traumatic memories or targets, negative beliefs, and physical sensations for processing as well as desired positive beliefs. Here, we are directing the brain to understand the maladaptive information (what keeps you stuck) to where we want it to go towards your adaptive information (what sets you free to be you).

    • Desensitization Phase: Using bilateral stimulation (such as eye movements, taps, or sounds) to facilitate memory reprocessing and emotional regulation.

    • Installation Phase: Strengthening positive beliefs, making meaning, transformation, and adaptive responses.

    • Body Scan: Ensuring there are no residual physical tensions or distress.

    • Closure: Ensuring stability, grounding, and containment before ending each session.

  4. Integration and Follow-Up: Despite the intensive nature, integration of processing is crucial. During and after the Intensive Programs, you will be provided with tools and strategies to continue processing and coping after the intensive phase ends. Follow-up sessions or check-ins may also be recommended to monitor progress and provide ongoing support.

  5. Suitability and Considerations: Intensive EMDR programs are suitable for individuals who are motivated and ready to engage deeply in therapeutic work. They may be particularly beneficial for clients who have specific goals for rapid trauma resolution or who struggle with the pacing of traditional therapy.  EMDR Intensives are also beneficial in that they provide the format to give you a weekend to devote to your healing right here in South Florida where you can enjoy the beach, weather, and have the time/space to practice self-care.

  6. Therapist Expertise: It's essential for therapists leading intensive EMDR programs to have advanced training and experience in EMDR therapy. Melanie Mahady is committed to continuing her education, training other therapists, and keeping up with current effective protocols.

Overall, an EMDR Intensive Program aims to provide a focused and accelerated path towards trauma resolution and emotional healing, offering a concentrated therapeutic experience that can be transformative for many individuals affected by trauma-related disorders.

Contact Counseling and Brain Wellness Services now to schedule a consultation and embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth.  


If you are interested in learning more or would like to schedule a free 15-minute consultation, click below .


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