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Helping You Grow Professionally

Are you wanting to gain competence, skills, and fluidity in your abilities to counsel clients?  

Professional growth is essential to enhancing counseling skills and providing the best quality care to clients.  

I offer supervision for Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns. We go over cases and build clinical skills in several therapy models including CBT, DBT, Psychodynamic, EMDR, Trauma-focused CBT, Solution Focused therapy, and several others.  We discuss many topics including trauma, attachment issues, behavioral issues, diagnosing/treatment plans, etc. 

I also offer opportunities for interns to attend and help with a Group Traumatic Protocol (an EMDR treatment) that treats a group of people working through various traumas.

I believe in fostering an environment of professional growth and development in order to globally provide the best care to our community. I specialize in equipping individual therapists with the skills needed to stay effective and confident in their careers.  

Together, we establish a plan to achieve your goals for licensure and lead you towards pursuing the career path you desire.

To inquire about supervision services, click here.

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